Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm practically peeing my pants.

It has been a very exciting week, Internet Friends. Very. Exciting. I have about a hundred-eighty-three projects (that's an exact number) going right now, including the editing of a brand-new film reel, the writing of a children's book (What-what?), auditions and call-backs gallore, and a garden. I have a garden. I live in Manhattan and I have a garden.

Ok, it isn't really a garden. It's more of a collection of potted plants that I can eat when they're done growing. BUT STILL.

Do you remember when I posted all about sustainable eating and community supported agriculture and how I lusted after large open spaces where I could grow vegetables? Well, dreams come true, folks. They really do come true.

This past Tuesday Mike and I were the proud recipients of our very first CSA share. We are members of the West Harlem Community Supported Agriculture Program, which means that every Tuesday we get a big box of organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables. AND IT IS LIKE CHRISTMAS, IT IS THAT FUN.

Look what we got this week:

Is this not the Most Beautiful bok choy you've EVER SEEN?

What the F is this? I can't even tell you. But it was delicious.
(It's called Kohlrabi)

And it comes in red, too, in case you were wondering.
Also, in case you can't tell by my husband's beard, we are hippies now.

This is a garlic flower. Did you know that garlic flowers?
And you know what it tastes like? GARLIC.
It's beautiful and wonderful and grown in New York state.

And here is a sneak-peak of our bedroom. (It's not done yet.)
Those flowers? They came from the CSA also.
F-ing-A. How happy am I?

And this? This?
Oregano and Thyme.
How badass is that?

We also got a sh** ton of kale, swiss chard, strawberries, and other stuff I am too excited to remember.

The other thing that was freaking awesome was that four days before we picked up our CSA share, our good friends Josie and Johnny came over for dinner and brought us this house-warming gift:

Basil, sweet basil and cilantro


I am ridiculously excited about the tomato plant. RIDICULOUSLY. EXCITED. And since I took this photo, our little tomato plant has grown even bigger and is even more beautiful and holy crap I am growing a vegetable. It is my very first time ever growing a vegetable or herbs. And forever and ever, wherever I live, wherever I roam, whenever I grow vegetables and herbs I will think of Josie and Johnny because they got me started.

I am so freaking happy right now. Who knew that vegetables and herbs could make a girl THIS happy? It is the little things in life, truly.



Hawk said...


Dopey LaRue said...

And it looks like I will just have to move to New York now!

Kim said...

Congrats on your gardenous endeavors! I'm so proud :-) But, um, isn't a tomato a fruit and not a vegetable? Is growing a fruit more impressive than growing a vegetable? I do not know. My own tomato plant is barely starting to show little sprigs of green from the dirt in which the seeds were lovingly planted, so I'm not one to talk.


Frosty said...


Kim - Thank you! And I think you're right. So I'm growing a fruit and I have yet to grow vegetables. I'm thinking of planting at the end of the summer for a nice fall crop. What do you think of that?

Kim said...

I think you should grow corn! Potatoes! Pumpkins! Seriously though, I hear squash, particularly zucchini, is easy to grow...

I need to be better about growing things. I have no excuse but laziness!

c.d. said...

growing things you can eat is the best! check out the progress on our house (the photos of our garden is toward the end):