Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last One. No Really.

Months and months and months have gone by since I said I was going to take down this blog and I still haven't done it. Not because I'm too nostalgic, it's really not that, it's because I'm too lazy. I just don't want to deal with having to archive or download or copy-and-paste or whatever it is that's going to be required in order for me to not have Frosty-Licous up anymore. I just don't want to bother with it. And besides, I still dig this website. I dig the growing up I did when I was writing it, and I like to refer back to it once in a while when I'm writing A Serious Girl.

Which is why I've decided, once and for all, not to take down this blog. Also? You never know when I'll get the urge to post something supremely inappropriate on the Internet.

In case you're here for the first time, let me just warn you that what you'll find among these posts are the rantings of a Valley Girl in her early twenties, newly married, living in a tenement apartment in Hells Kitchen, Manhattan with her husband and four animals, and freaking the fuck out because she just moved three thousand miles away from everyone she's ever loved in her entire life. Of course she has her wonderful husband, so kind and gentle is he that he never even complained when she nicknamed him Poompy at one point, thank god she grew out of that. Anyway, that girl was me, and when I was thinking back over 2009 on the eve of 2010, I decided I wasn't that girl anymore and I wanted a new website.

Of course, as it turns out, I'm absolutely still that girl, I'm just that girl with a little bit more life under her belt, a better understanding of what she wants and enough confidence to finally go after it. You can read about my more recent antics on Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One last time

I guess I'm having a harder time letting go of Frosty-Licious than I thought I would. For one thing, I'm afraid you won't come read about all of my adventures on A Serious Girl. Many of you have asked me what will happen to my sense of humor over on "that new site" (I imagine you're squinching up your nose when you write that) and the answer is: I'm taking it with me! I hope. It would be awful to lose my sense of humor.

Secondly, I'm not going to have time this week to take Frosty-licious down. Actually I will have time but I'd rather spend it writing, so I'm not going to take it down this week after all.

Thirdly, just a little reminder that you can always read me at A Serious Girl, I'm really excited about what I'm writing there, come visit!

Fourthly, I just updated my profile on A Tail At A Time: The Blog and I've posted a few new entries in the last week, so swing by there too.

I may be giving up Frosty-Licious, but I have two new blogs in it's place! It's like what they say about doors closing and windows opening and all that.

Miss you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Goodbye. For real this time.

This is my last post as Frosty-licious. It's time to say good bye and move on for good. I just bought and that's where I want to be focusing my energy. (What little energy remains after I spend my days hauling a heavy suitcase around the five boroughs of New York City in the freezing cold.)

It's been fun, though, it really has. Good night and sweetest dreams.

I'll leave this up for one week and then au revoir! I hope you'll come visit me at

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Welcome To A New Wiener, Outtakes

I'm surprised no one has said anything about my fabulous new banner, but I'm not going to get upset about it considering the wonderful outpouring of support I've been getting for the new website. I am so thrilled that you've been reading it! Your comments have been wonderful and very appreciated.

But let's get back to wieners. I wanted to share these outtakes from the New Years Eve photo-shoot because, HOW HYSTERICAL IS THIS?

I would've shared these sooner but I didn't get the files until last night. Adam was the photographer, I was the stylist and Theo, of course, was the very tolerant model. These shoots are so much fun that I think I'm going to do one every month. Maybe you can even help me come up with tag lines. Like, how can one express a Valentine's Day message while cleverly using the word 'wiener'?

Be my wiener?
Happy Wiener's Day?
Be mine and I'll let you touch my wiener?

A million dollar prize* to whoever can come up with something really funny.

In the meantime, enjoy these outtakes!

*a million wiener dollars

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Come play with me, come play all day

A Tail At A Time's next opportunity to help save the homeless kitties of New York City. More info here.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Wet Hot Saturday Night

While you may not think a financial meeting is a good way to spend a Saturday night, for us it was much hotter than a night on the town. All right, neither of us really enjoys nights on the town, we'd both rather stay in and watch a Law & Order marathon, I'll admit it. If we're feeling really crazy we'll pick up two different pints of Ben & Jerry's and swap flavors back and forth until both cartons are empty.

More here...

Friday, January 01, 2010

A Serious Girl

Welcome to 2010! A shiny new year, a clean slate, a brand-new beginning.

Frosty-licious started in May of 2007. In the two years and seven months I've been writing this website I've shared hundreds of snippets from my life, dropped tidbits here and there, told stories and jokes, all the while hiding behind a mask I've worn my entire life: A Girl Who Is Pretty And That's All That Counts. The more I wrote the more I realized how I hide behind poop jokes, how I play dumb, that I'm the girl who proudly wears balls on her forehead. And frankly? I'm tired of it. I'm tired of being a cute-but-dumb joke. I'm tired of conforming to the image I think people want to see. Sure, I'll always laugh at my teabag photos, but I'm realizing there's a lot more to me than that. In 2010 I want to embrace my smart side. I want to grow up and become the role model I want for my daughters. I want to become the woman I know I can be.

This New Year is the year I will throw off the pretty little mask. This is the year I will explore and learn and wonder and fail and stand up again and be proud of what I manage to accomplish, whatever it is. This year I will let myself dream big, silly, wild dreams that could never come true because as much as I believe, unicorns don't exist. I will let myself dream sweet dreams and secret dreams and self-indulgent dreams and grown-up dreams.

This year I will stop saying mean things to the body I see in the mirror. I will feed myself and my husband healthy meals and I will exercise in ways that let me move and dance and feel good. I will love my body the way it is instead of wishing it would be different. This year I will cut out alcohol and caffeine, except for one cup of coffee in the morning and the occasional pint of beer with good friends. I will enjoy my life alone with my husband, so that when we finally have children we can say how much we looked forward to them while appreciating the time we spent before them. I will support my husband while he works and studies and I will do whatever I can to help him succeed.

This year is the year I will go back to school. My application is in, I'm just waiting to see if I am accepted and when I can start. I'm not sure what I'm going to study, but I'm leaning very far towards math and sciences. It turns out I really enjoy math, of all things, and Mike, who's been tutoring me, says I have an innate ability for it. And I've always secretly loved science, I just never thought I was smart enough to study it. I will also take a Spanish class this year, one that requires that I sit in a seat and practice with other students, out loud and in person. This year I will work and save money and we will pay off our credit card debt and start saving so that having a family won't feel like a financial disaster. This year I will go home at least once to spend time with my brothers and sisters, niece and nephews, cousins, friends, my Nani, my parents. I will fly to Seattle and spend time with my family there so I can remember where I come from.

In celebration of the new year and all I hope to accomplish, I have started a new website. A new blog. A place for me to stretch my arms without the superficial, saccharine-sweet label 'Frosty-licious'. I hated that name the moment I chose it and I've carried it around for nearly three years. I've been eager to shed that persona for a long time, I just didn't know how. Frosty-licious is too much the girl I used to be and not at all the woman I hope to grow into. She's too weighed down by the garbage I wallowed in the first two years I wrote here. It's time to clean house. Get rid of the clutter. I want room to spread out and explore. A bigger closet so I can try on different hats. A longer road for all the different shoes I walk in. An empty room so I can dance.

I'm really excited about the new website. I've been working on it for several months and I've had the opportunity to collaborate and receive guidance and advice from some wonderful people. It is an entirely new adventure and it is definitely a work in progress. I'm not sure what will happen with Frosty-licious. I may not be completely done here and the new site may turn out to be different enough that I could write regularly in both. We'll see what happens. In the mean time, I am very proud and very excited to introduce you to my new blog: A Serious Girl.

Thank you for being a part of my journey, for rallying with me, for reading my words. May 2010 hold blessings for you all. I hope to see you on my other side.