Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One last time

I guess I'm having a harder time letting go of Frosty-Licious than I thought I would. For one thing, I'm afraid you won't come read about all of my adventures on A Serious Girl. Many of you have asked me what will happen to my sense of humor over on "that new site" (I imagine you're squinching up your nose when you write that) and the answer is: I'm taking it with me! I hope. It would be awful to lose my sense of humor.

Secondly, I'm not going to have time this week to take Frosty-licious down. Actually I will have time but I'd rather spend it writing, so I'm not going to take it down this week after all.

Thirdly, just a little reminder that you can always read me at A Serious Girl, I'm really excited about what I'm writing there, come visit!

Fourthly, I just updated my profile on A Tail At A Time: The Blog and I've posted a few new entries in the last week, so swing by there too.

I may be giving up Frosty-Licious, but I have two new blogs in it's place! It's like what they say about doors closing and windows opening and all that.

Miss you.


Kim said...

Mah dahlin, I will follow you wherever you go. :)

Scrumpi-D said...

here's the thing... I'm worried that the New Sites will be less intimate, and more lesson filled. I like finding out what my li'l sis has been up to on a daily basis, like a check in with out having to bug you, well, anyway, they say "change" is good, right? xox

Steve said...


Hawk said...

It's still here and I still visit!


The Shadow

Anonymous said...

I <3 Hawk. My sentiments exactly. Muauahahahahahaha.

Hawk said...

HA! I'm still leaving comments! Neener!